Light Therapy

Light therapy offers a range of gentle treatments for a variety of ailments and diseases.

Light therapy for psoriasis and eczema (e.g. neurodermatitis, hand eczema)

Light therapy uses primarily ultravoilet light to treat psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Both UV-A and UV-B light therapies are used.

Long-wavelength, low energy light which quickly tans the skin.

Short-wavelength, high-energy light which tans the skin slowly.

Our state-of-the art multifunctional medisun®-6311 UV therapy cabin precisely controls the UV light dosage to ensure even coverage over the entire body.

Your Benefit

Psoriasis and eczema cause an increased rate of new skin formation. Light therapy slows down this natural process, thereby alleviating symptoms.

The medisun®-6311 UV therapy cabin is recognized as the only system worldwide which is capable of evenly applying UV dosage to the skin. It accomplishes this by individually controlling the dose of each UV lamp.  Lamps which are closer to the body are turned off sooner than lamps at a greater distance to the body.  For example, lamps which are closer to the stomach will turn off before lamps pointing towards the shins, resulting in a even dosing over the entire body and eliminates the risk of overdosing and insufficient dosing.

Additionally, it is possible for the patient to stand or sit in the medisun®-6311; this makes it easy to treat physically challenged patients.

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